Muhammad Haziq


"Born a paraplegic, he does not have the use of his lower body (his lower limbs are not fully formed) and relies on his skateboard to get around. He uses his arms to navigate his way around and lift himself up.

The Year Six pupil, however, refuses to let his disability stop him from doing any of the things he loves. Determined not to let his physical condition handicap him, Haziq insisted that his parents send him to a regular school and not one that catered to students with disabilities.

I want to study law and be a lawyer like Tunku Abdul Rahman. I want to defend people’s rights,” says the confident lad. He adds that if he cannot, for some reason, pursue a career in law, he would opt to become a businessman. " (The Star, 25 June 2007)

I salute you Muhammad Haziq!

I salute your Parents Muhammad Haziq!

I salute your Friends Muhammad Haziq!

May God bless You, your Parents and your Friends.

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